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I. Comments on grade-level-specific ways to interact with BioEYES and other outreach opportunities

Incorporating BioEYES: Good success with this program at St. Anthony's; Students interested in fish/animals so motivation is high, especially the anomalies; Can be incorporated early in the year, middle of the year, or the end of the year nicely

Incorporating Nano: More emphasis on how this can be used at different grade levels e.g. different focus for all grades so more classes could use it in the same building

Incorporating Astro: sixth grade standards solar system could be incorporated by taking pictures of planets; new info about google sky is a good resource.; availability of the DVT.

Incorporating Enviro:

Other opportunities: Community Outreach problem solving in fifth sixth grade math using Mythbusters ideas collaborating with ND; availability of resources today was very handy; Workshops opportunities should be available for all featured workshops

II. Ways to use this wiki to foster greater collaboration
Knowing what other teachers have tried and what has/hasn't worked. Time constraints make it dificult but focusing on individual groups you care about; RSS feeds make it quick and easy to keep informed about what is new; Maybe a student run site, with someone as a monitor.....how would this work to keep content appropriate. Collaboration specifically among teachers and buildings; Portal that would allow teachers to contact specific people at the grade school, high school, and university level for appropriate content that these people in the portal would be willing to share

III. Any other topics: challenges, opportunities, etc?
Parents focus could be improved next year during the presentation; Help with parents being involved in bringing a program to a school if teachers are not willing to cooperate; Concerns over student input on websites e.g. appropriate content, confidentiality issues; How can we help with outreach opportunties with unaffiliated school or how can unaffiliated schools become more affiliated; Best ways of getting community involved (Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, American Assoc. Of University Women, Sierra Club, Key Club) with student and school involvement.